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For Consumers is a place where you can read, comment on,  and share online complaints, Scam Alerts, and Fraud Reports.

Have you been scammed online? Use to warn others and help expose online scams. By using our online complaint site you can submit online complaints easily without creating an account or exposing your email address or identity to the public.

Online scams are on the rise and businesses are treating customers with less respect each day. Share your experience with the world by creating a complaint page on WikiScams. Your online complaint page is like having your own web page that will rank high on search engines for others to see.

For Businesses

If you are a business owner or manager and find your company or name listed on WikiScams, you can file a response to the complaint in the comment section.

We never remove complaints and are not responsible for the content posted by our users per the CDA Section 230. If you plan on suing us consult with your attorney about the CDA Law Section 230 first.

If your business is listed and you would like to contact us for a review of the complaint to see if it violates any of our guidelines click here